A folding pool table is a great option for the pool game room as it can give plenty of gaming, for both children or adults, and provide plenty of space. Some folding pool tables are even smaller than full size tables, which make them an excellent option for smaller surrounding spaces. It is also easier to fold these than to try to set up and play a full sized table. They can even be taken apart and used in freestanding games if desired. In addition to all of these benefits, there are many other benefits that are worth taking into consideration when you look for a folding pool table.

The main pro about these tables is that they are easy to move around. Even though they are fairly small, with only about four feet between the base and the tabletop, they still pack quite a punch when it comes to performance. These tables can be moved from place to place with ease, and because they can be folded, this makes them very easy to store when not in use. You can even take them along on vacations, as many people do, and have no problem carrying them in a suitcase. This is far easier than lugging around a full sized table.

While these tables are extremely popular, there are some cons as well. One of the biggest pros about these tables is that they are very inexpensive, but that low price also comes with some cons as well. First off, the lower price means that they are less durable and comfortable than their full sized counterparts. That being said, the cons about these are that the folding pool table frame typically does not come with a protective plate, which means that the edges are more susceptible to damage than with a traditional frame; and that the chairs that you will place on these models can cost quite a bit more than traditional chairs as well.

Now let’s look at some of the pros. If you are an adult that likes to play billiards, this is definitely the way to go. These tables weigh less than their full sized brothers and can easily be packed into your car or a small bag for a trip to the local sporting goods store. And since they fold down, they are incredibly easy to set up and take down, and they are very inexpensive. As far as the cons go, the cons about a folding pool table are pretty minor. The weight is typically well below the maximum weight limit set for the table, which means that the person holding it won’t have to worry about hurting themselves trying to haul it around.

One con that I would look out for is if the legs on a folding pool table fall off and you’re stuck holding it by only one leg. It happens to me on occasion, and it’s really embarrassing. If this happens to you, take off the cue ball immediately and try to catch the ball on the ground. If you have pockets on the legs of the table (usually on the sides), this will prevent the ball from rolling all over the place when the legs do collapse.

Overall, a folding pool table has great advantages. If you already play two or three billiard games a week, you can probably get away with using a cheaper set that doesn’t take up much space. If you’re just starting out and haven’t gotten a lot of experience with billiards, then I highly recommend one of these. You can buy them anywhere that supplies cue balls and chalk are sold. You can also find great used models online.

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